The One Day Image Library

Typically a young company concentrates first on survival, then stability, and finally, growth. Somewhere along the line PR needs arise and the founders realize for the first time that they need images to promote themselves. To tell their story well they need a lot of images.

Similarly, a company that moves to a new location suddenly has an urgent need for new photography. The image library it has cultivated over the years is immediately out of date.

My first twelve years as a professional photographer were spent producing corporate mult-image presentations for upper level executives at Kodak, Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, Westinghouse, Mary Kay Cosmetics, etc, etc. Deadlines were ferocious, shot lists were ambitious, and there was never enough time to use location lighting, yet sacrificing quality was clearly not an option.

Out of necessity I got very good at available light photography, at walking into terrible lighting conditions and pulling out good clean storytelling shots -- quickly and consistently.

After 22 years of this kind of photography, I offer the ONE DAY IMAGE LIBRARY. It's purpose is to supply a volume of high quality storytelling shots with one day's shooting. From building exteriors to executive portraits to following the work flow from beginning to end, I'll quote a flat rate for a guaranteed number of shots with no restrictions on usage. A complete library of images can be put together quickly and affordably.