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Production Services

I've equipped myself nicely for the various categories of work that I offer. Other professional photographers have taken notice and have started sending me scanning, image processing and output jobs. I never had that in mind as I developed my in-house production cabability, but it makes sense. I've been "optimizing" digital images for Kodak Professional Worldwide Marketing managers and professional digital camera product managers for years, it makes sense to offer those and related services to others as well. I'm known by Kodak Professional Digital managers as a digital photography and image quality expert, and they routinely use me to help manage image quality on high-end digital projects.

I can help you manage your imaging chain by providing high quality scans (or digital capture of larger pieces), image processing of your digital files (either digital capture or film scans), custom retouching / compositing, and high quality output.


If you want quality scans without drum scan prices, I offer high quality film scans from 35mm up through 8x10 from transparencies or negatives, and flatbed scans up to 8 1/2 x 11 inches. I use a Polaroid Sprintscan 120 film scanner with Silverfast software for 35mm up through 6x9cm film scans at resolutions up to 4000 dpi, and an Epson Expression 1680 flatbed scanner with Silverfast software for large format film scans and flatbed scans.


I can offer all ranges of retouching and compositing. You'll see numerous samples throughout this web site. Feel free to call or email me to discuss your needs in detail.


Whether it's 1000 high quality prints fast for trade show handouts or press kit use, or one eight-foot panoramic print to hang in your lobby, you can trust you'll consistently get the highest quality and service.


I have the photographer's eye for image quality, and have been providing it in my own photographic projects since 1978. I can help you with any phase of your project, input, image processing, retouching / compositing, or output; if you involve me early on, I can help you manage image quality throughout the process.

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