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Panoramic Prints

In the informational page for Quicktime VR Panoramas, I give a brief description of the production process. An intermediate step in the process is the creation of a 360 still image. Quicktime VR producers have long since recognized that these still images can be very artistic and have value in and of themselves. As with photo collages, they can provide excellent decor for corporate offices, boardrooms, lobbies, etc.

It's difficult to previsualize a 360 image while shooting it, so frequently I'll create a low resolution version of QTVR pans first, just to see what the 360 still image looks like. If it's particularly strong, I'll put together a high resolution version of the file as well, so a large print is then possible. As to how large it can go, with today's crop of wide body printers, the sky is pretty much the limit.

Below are a few examples of panoramic prints I've created as a by-process of Quicktime VR production.

Corporate Boardroom - 360 pan
Tradeshow Booth - 360 pan
Bryce Canyon at Sunrise - partial pan made from 11 overlapping shots

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