Consulting Services

I've been photographing professionally since 1978 and have learned a lot along the way. A number of companies have paid to pick my brain, and I guess that's a rough definition of consulting. Consultative work usually finds me rather than the other way around, but I see it being a larger percentage of what I do in the coming years.

I have contributed to the design of commercial imaging software and helped focus feature sets of high-end optical equipment in the 80's and digital equipment in the 90's.

I have been a panelist in various venues, have instructed at digital photography workshops, have presented to classes at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and have conducted on-site industrial training in digital photography and color management.

I've helped design and equip digital studios for small companies, and instruct their staff photographers in its use.

I have helped companies with "real world color management". I'm living proof that you can get great results without having to be a rocket scientist. I temper the color scientists' knowledge with the photographer's eye.

I am considered an image quality specialist by Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, NY, and am called on regularly to work with them on digital projects.

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