Digital Catalogs

Until relatively recently, having a product catalog meant bearing the cost of professional 4x5 photography, drum scans, electronic retouching and prepress work, offset printing, and finally shipping. Typically, production of a print catalog is a lengthy process, and as soon as the catalog is printed, it's out of date, leaving your sales force working with old information. Revisions are infrequent because of the cost and complexity. Quality is very high, but so is the cost. With the print format, what you see is what you get; you cannot easily repurpose the data and images for multiple uses.

High quality CD based catalogs, on the other hand, can be put together in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of print catalogs.


• digital photography dramatically reduces costs and streamlines workflow by eliminating film & processing costs, as well as time spent sorting, coding and scanning the selected transparencies,

• the feature set of a CD based catalog can be tailored to your needs, with extras that make it a sales tool, not just a listing of your products,

• the catalog will be current at the time of delivery, and periodic updates will keep it that way,

I partner with COMPASS CREATIVE, INC. of Atlanta, GA to produce digital catalogs that serve your needs and exceed your expectations. I provide digital photography and manage image quality throughout the process, while Compass Creative provides innovative feature sets and selling tools that will energize your sales force.

We have decades of experience in our respective specialties and are ahead of the pack in this market . . . if you have a sales force that would benefit from a CD based catalog that has innovative features & tools and is always as up to date as your offerings, contact me or contact Compass Creative, Inc to find out more.