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Quicktime VR Object Movies

Quicktime VR object movies allow the viewer to rotate an object to see all sides and to zoom in or out at will. In it's simplest form a QTVR object movie is made up of several still frames of the object, shot on a turntable, at equal increments of rotation. For example, you might create a web-friendly object movie by shooting 18 still frames, one for every 20 degrees of rotation. Or you might create a larger version of that same object movie for CD use by shooting 36 still frames, one for every 10 degrees of rotation. (If you shoot 36 frames up front, you can create larger and smaller versions from the same set of original images). A QTVR object movie shot as described above is called a single row object, that is, the rotation occurs only in one plane.

More complex objects can be created by shooting multiple rows, that is, moving the camera position up or down between rows (around an imaginary circle surrounding the object). If you shoot multiple row objects on a regular basis, you'll want to own a specialized computer controlled rig to facilitate the intricate camera movements required. Two suppliers of specialized rigs for this purpose are Kaidan and Peace River Studios. You can see a 3-row object movie I produced for Eastman Kodak Company by following this link:

3-Row Object Movie

Once you produce a few QTVR object movies, you'll realize that it's a special form of stop action animation. That can lead to some fun experimentation such as this object movie I did for a pitch to Fisher Price:

Stop Action Animation as an Object Movie

The skill set required to produce professional level object movies is that of a studio photographer. Although object movies certainly can be produced by amateur photographers without professional equipment, if you do them on a regular basis, you'll want to have professional lighting gear and, ideally, a single lens reflex style digital camera with a macro lens.

Whether you produce single row objects, multiple row objects, or stop action objects, realize that a high level of attention to detail is called for to produce successful object movies.

Feel free to call or email if you have questions on object movie production.